Emmylou Harris - Wrecking Ball 2016 US

Wrecking Ball – 2016 US/CA/EU Reissue 3xLP Black Vinyl

Edition: 180g 3xLP Black Vinyl. Trifold. Record Store Day 2016 Deluxe Limited Edition.
Speed: 33 ⅓ rpm
Catalogue No: 541970-1
Barcode: 0 75597 94851 6
Matrix A: 1-541970-A RE-1 CB 14548 2A
Matrix B: 1-541970-B RE-1 CB 14548 2B
Matrix C: 1-541970-C RE-1 CB 14548 2C
Matrix D: 1-541970-D RE-1 CB 14548 2D
Matrix E: 1-541970-E RE-1 CB 14548 2E
Matrix F: 1-541970-F RE-1 CB 14548 2F






I like

  • Good mastering
  • Mostly quiet

I donʼt like

  • Mastered quiet

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  1. I have heard from friends who thought this new reissue sounded fuzzy and distorted. I have also heard from a friend who thought this sound better than his 1995 first pressing.

    I haven’t heard the first pressing but I guess I am pretty lucky as I thought my copy sounds excellent! I did not hear distortions and it played pretty much quiet with only very minor surface noise. The only nitpick is the volume was mastered slightly low, turn up the volume dial a few notches and the sound has great slam, warm bass and transparent highs — a great reissue with dynamic sound…


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