Pet Shop Boys - Very 2018 EU

Very – 2018 EU Reissue Black Vinyl

Edition: 180g Black Vinyl
Speed: 33 ⅓ rpm
Catalogue No: 0190295823085
Barcode: 1 90295 82308 5
Matrix A: BI20160-01 A1 0190295823085 TIMTOM
Matrix B: BI20160-01 B1 0190295823085 Ⓜ

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One Comment

  1. These 2018 reissues of Pet Shop Boys’ entire catalogue are excellent! All three records I have purchased — Actually, Behaviour and Very have equally dynamic sound with strong and warm bass, wide open and airy highs. They are far superior to the thin and bright sounding CDs I used to own.

    I initially was not convinced to buy these reissues as I have read comments that some of them have boosted bass that sound unnatural in comparison to the UK original pressings.

    Well I am glad that I eventually found that out myself. I haven’t heard any of the originals and probably won’t spend my money on them. So I initially bought Behaviour to check its SQ, I did not find the bass unnatural or boosted, I guess if you haven’t heard the original then it’s a non-issue. I then bought the Actually and Very and I am very happy will how all three of them sound. The pressings are all superb with hardly any surface noise.

    You should get some too especially now some of them are quite cheap at a discounted price of AUD $23.90, what a steal!


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