Lou Reed - Transformer 2018

Transformer – 2018 EU Reissue Black Vinyl

Edition: Standard Black Vinyl
Speed: 33 ⅓ rpm
Catalogue No: 88985349031
Barcode: 889853490318
Matrix A: 16-0321 NL A 889 8534 9031 Kr SST MPO 18 31162
Matrix B: 16-0321 NL B 889 8534 9031 Kr SST MPO 18 31166

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One Comment

  1. I had the 2009 Music On Vinyl reissue which I thought has a nice sound but I wasn’t too impressed by it. For such a classic album the sound was just a tad smeared and the bass didn’t sound quite right.

    I borrowed the 2004 Speakers Corner reissue from a friend to compare with the MoV reissue — a few of my friends think it has the best SQ for Transformer. I like most of what I heard but I thought the soundstage was a bit narrow and the bass a bit light, the MoV actually sounded a lot more spacious.

    I am very pleased with this 2018 reissue — Daniel Krieger’s new cuts have both the goodies from Speaker Corner and MoV. It has abundance of details, tight and low bass — dynamic and punchy! It also sounded wide and spacious. The MPO pressing is perfect — clean, flat and quiet.

    Although it is clearly a digital remaster, it has retained a lot of analogue goodies and sounded more analogue like than the aforementioned two reissues. I compared it to the AAA remaster of the T. Rex’s Electric Warrior 2017 US Rocktober reissue and I thought it sounded quite close to that. Some friend thought they heard slight distortions in Lou Reed’s voice but I couldn’t hear that on mine. The channels mixing seemed far off and here is where the balance control comes in handy…

    If you have not owned Transformer on vinyl or only have heard the Music on Vinyl reissue, I highly recommend that you get a copy of this reissue. For the low price this is a no brainer! For those who likes the Speaker Corner reissue, give this a listen and you might surprise yourself to find how good this is!


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