Two Door Cinema Club - Tourist History 2011 US

Tourist History – 2010 US White Vinyl

Edition: Standard White Vinyl
Speed: 33 ⅓ rpm
Catalogue No: GLS-0110-01
Barcode: 8 92038 00233 6
Matrix A: L-19782M-A GLS-0110-01 WG/NRP Ⓤ
Matrix B: L-19782M-ȺB GLS-0110-01 WG/NRP Ⓤ

Reviewer Score
Sound: 4.0
Pressing/Noise: 4.0
Average: 4.0






I like

  • Excellent SQ
  • Warm & dynamic sound
  • Very quiet pressing

One Comment

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  1. Excellent SQ and a very quiet pressing from URP! What a surprise! The bass sounded a little soft on this Wes Garland‘s cuts, very unlike the usual Mike Marsh’s super tight and punchy style but it sounded very analogue like and retro, one of the very few good sounding records by Wes Garland and I quite like it. I would investigate the SQ of the French pressing on Kitsuné Music but €60 for a near mint copy perhaps is too dear…


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