Low - Things We Lost In The Fire 2001

Things We Lost In The Fire – 2001 US 2xLP Black Vinyl

Edition: Standard Black
Speed: 33 ⅓ rpm
Catalogue No: KRANK046
Matrix A: KRANK-046-A GOLDEN 4685.1(2)…
Matrix B: KRANK-046-B GOLDEN 4685.2(2)…
Matrix C: KRANK-046-C GOLDEN 4685.3(2)…
Matrix D: KRANK-046-D 4685.4(2)… Etched

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  1. The sound of this AAA release is just gobsmackingly beautiful. I must say that I didn’t really appreciate it’s beauty until recently though…

    I have had this record for many years. I have played it on my first setup up — a Rega P3-24 with Soundsmith Zephyr cartridge. Then Rega RP8 and Apheta. All I thought was — how come this AAA release sound like a muffled piece of shite!? I guess now my setup is more resolving, I can hear the beautiful drums that sound natural and realistic— Dinosaur Act is now an utterly wonderful listen. I can now hear all the subtle nuances throughout the album, much like Beck’s Sea Change MoFi reissue.

    So I have learnt, before blaming the records, blame my system. There are lots of goodie in those records.


Turntable: Pioneer Exclusive P10 Cartridge: Shelter 7000 SUT: Shelter 407 Type II Phono Stage: Manley Chinook Tubes: 4x NOS Amperex 7308