Martin Rossiter - The Defenestration Of St Martin 2012 UK/EU

The Defenestration Of St Martin – 2012 UK/EU Black Vinyl

Edition: Standard 2xLP Black Vinyl. Gatefold.
Speed: 33 ⅓ rpm
Catalogue No: DAMLP002
Barcode: 5 025425 19212 8
Matrix A: The Malposition Of St Martin / 104136E1/A
Matrix B: The Vaccination Of St Martin / 104136E2/A

Reviewer Score
Sound: 4.0
Pressing/Noise: 3.0
Average: 3.5






I like

  • Good mastering
  • Clear, transparent & open sound

I donʼt like

  • Excessive light surface noise
  • Could be very noisy

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  1. Gene’s frontman Martin Rossiter self-released his solo album after eight years of their break-up in 2004. These ten beautiful songs but the one was accompanied by piano only. Bass guitar, durm, kalimba and lead guitar only appeared at the very last moment of the last song Let The Waves Carry You which was a master stroke…

    The SQ is excellent. The mastering sounded clear and spacious, the piano has great transient and realistic decay although the GZ Media pressing is a bit of a hit and miss. My first copy was very noisy but the replacement copy has some surface noise that is not a great concerns but would be better without for Martin Rossiter’s beautiful piano playing and vocals.


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