Nathaniel Rateliff And The Night Sweats - Tearing At The Seams 2018 US

Tearing At The Seams – 2018 US 2×12″ + 7″ Deluxe Edition Black Vinyl

Edition: 180g 2xLP Black Vinyl. Deluxe Edition with Bonus Tracks on 7″, 45 rpm. Gatefold.
Speed: 45 rpm
Catalogue No: STX00313
Barcode: 8 88072 04908 6
Matrix A: 168847M1/A STAX 00313-A MRP1130/STAX00313/AB-A A·MS
Matrix B: 168847M2/A STAX 00313-B MRP1130/STAX00313/AB-B A·MS
Matrix C: 168847M3/A STAX 00313-C MRP1130/STAX00313/AB-C A·MS
Matrix D: 168847M4/A STAX 00313-D MRP1130/STAX00313/AB-D A·MS

Reviewer Score
Sound: 4.0
Pressing/Noise: 4.0
Average: 4.0






I like

  • Excellent SQ
  • Warm, dynamic & punchy sound
  • Mostly quiet pressing

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  1. The Deluxe Edition of Nathaniel Rateliff And The Night Sweats’s sophomore album — Tearing At The Seams has an OMFG! sound quality. Pressed on 45 rpm by GZ Media’s child pressing plant in the USA — Memphis Record Pressing. The dynamic, spacious sound and the amazingly punchy bass are tremendously fun to listen to. Anne-Marie Suenram’s cuts are just splendid. However, the slight to mild sibilance have ruined these beautiful sound quite a bit for me. Side C seems to be fine.


Turntable: Pioneer Exclusive P10 Cartridge: Shelter 7000 Phono Stage: Luxman EQ-500 Tubes: 4x NOS Brimar 12AX7 2x NOS Philips Miniwatt 12AU7