Young Fathers - Tape Two 2013 US

Tape Two – 2013 US 12″ EP Black Vinyl

Edition: 12″ EP Black Vinyl
Speed: 33 ⅓ rpm
Catalogue No: ABR0134
Barcode: 8 58454 00316 6
Matrix A: 108347E1/A1 SIMON THE – EXCHANGE
Matrix B: 108347E2/A1 SIMON THE – EXCHANGE

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  1. All Young Fathers’ records were cut by Simon Davey at The Exchange except the 2015 White Men Are Black Men Too was by Beau Thomas at Ten Eight Seven Mastering. However, the sound quality differs greatly on each album.

    Young Fathers’s two EPs from 2013 US releases on Anticon — Tape One and Tape Two sounded the best with excellent dynamics and bass attack. Overall, the sound is well balanced, spacious with a great sense of air. They are both well produced, polished but still retained the gritty raw feel without too much compressions. The 2018 Cocao Sugar EU release comes close but not as impressive.

    The Tape One and Tape Two EPs have been released in 2017 as a 2×12″ package on Big Dada Recordings and pressed by MPO. I really hope they sound every bit as good as this GZ Media pressing if not better, though I am not so sure as the 2014 Dead and 2015 White Men Are Black Men Too EU releases on Big Dada Recordings — also pressed by MPO — sounded inferior…


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