The Tea Party - Spendour Solis 2018 CA

Splendor Solis – 2018 CA Reissue 2xLP Tan Translucent Vinyl

Edition: Standard 2xLP Tan Translucent Vinyl
Speed: 33 ⅓ rpm
Catalogue No: 7716779
Barcode: 6 02577 16779 9
Matrix A: 10-85529 / 7716779 – A 182599E1/A
Matrix B: 0255742417-B 154051E2/A
Matrix C: 10-85529 / 7716779 – C 182599E3/A
Matrix D: Side D etched with tree and ravens

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  1. Like the 20th Anniversary Edition of Transmission, this Splendor Solis release was quietly reissued by MusicVaultz Canada without any talk or promotion — even after the band stated that there were no plans for reissue a while ago.

    Overall it sounds clear and pristine and just as stunning as Transmission. The sound is open, clear and dynamic — thundering drums and hefty bass slams but I do need to dial up the volume. I haven’t heard the original but those who have thought this reissue killed it! It is completely quiet throughout the three sides.

    Splendor Solis was pressed by Precision Record Pressing in Ontario — a joint venture between Canadian company Isotope Music Inc. and GZ Media.

    Now we desperately need a Triptych vinyl release for its 20th Anniversary celebration — MusicVaultz?


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