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    How to Request A Post?

    Simply find the url of your vinyl release on Discogs website, paste it in the Discogs URL field on your right and we will do the rest. Discogs website list most of the vinyl releases. Visit Discogs website here.

    If you can provide the Discogs url, you can leave the Extra Vinyl Info section blank. If your vinyl release is not listed on Discogs, please include the vinyl info listed below as accurately as possible. You can find these info from the record cover, lyric sheet and matrix info on the dead wax. You can leave out those info you can’t find.

    We will notify you when a new post has been created for the vinyl release you submitted.

    • Artist
    • Album title
    • Year of release
    • Country of release
    • Catalogue no
    • Barcode
    • Mastered by
    • Mastered at
    • Lacquer cut by
    • Lacquer cut at
    • Pressed by