Volcano Choir - Repave 2013 US

Repave – 2013 US Clear Vinyl

Edition: Standard Limited Edition Clear Vinyl. Gatefold.
Speed: 33 ⅓ rpm
Catalogue No: JAG238
Barcode: 6 56605 22381 0
Matrix A: JAG-238-A WG/NRP 22079.1(2)…
Matrix B: JAG-238-B WG/NRP 22079.2(2)…

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  1. I dislike all Jagjaguwar’s vinyl releases except a few because in my experience they all have insipid SQ and extremely noisy.

    No wonders because it is belong to the Secretly Group that also owns the shoddy Secretly Canadian and Dead Oceans. I have lost counts how many records I bought from these three labels that disappoint… Jagjaguwar seemed to be the worst amongst the three.

    As lo-fi recording goes, the black vinyl release of Volcano Choir’s Repave actually has quite a clear sound but don’t expect a sonic wonder. I presume it would have been a lot worse if this were pressed by URP where Wes Garland is usually associated with, luckily we got RTI for Repave.

    This clear vinyl however, has muddier and more muffled SQ than the black vinyl version and a lot noisier.


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