Orbital - Green Album 2015

Orbital (Green Album) – 2015 UK/EU Reissue 2xLP Black Vinyl

Edition: 180g 2xLP Black Vinyl
Speed: 33 ⅓ rpm
Catalogue No: 0825646128747
Barcode: 0 825646 128747
Matrix A: 0825646128747-01 BF88706-01 A1 X7
Matrix B: 0825646128747-01 X7 BF88706-01 B1
Matrix C: 0825646128747-02 H7 BF88706-02 C1
Matrix D: 0825646128747-02 I7 BF88706-02 D1

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  1. When I first heard about the reissues of Orbital’s four early albums — including The Green Album, The Brown Album, Snivilisation and In Sides. I was really excited and made sure that I get all four — how could you have not!? The release date was delayed and delayed again, at the end only the first two albums were reissued by Warner Music Group. What a disappointment!

    Regardless, I am glad that I got this Green Album reissue. This repress’ SQ is brilliant — Simon Davey’s original mastering is warm, spacious and punchy. The Optimal Media pressing is also very quiet.

    Those of you who have got this Green Album reissue should be very happy and for those who has not, get it now while it is still cheap, the Brown Album is now asking for US$90 for a mint copy!

    Nearly four years on, I am still patiently waiting for the Snivilisation and Insides reissues…


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