Damien Rice - O 2018

O – 2018 2xLP Black Vinyl

Edition: 180g 2xLP Black Vinyl. Gatefold
Speed: 33 ⅓ rpm
Catalogue No: HVNLP 67
Barcode: 5 099969 695919
Matrix A: DRM 018LP A [email protected] BH97602-01A¹ 0190 295 740191
Matrix B: DRM 018LP B [email protected] BH97602-01B¹ 0190295740191
Matrix C: DRM 018LP C [email protected] 0190 295 740 191 BH97602-02C1
Matrix D: DRM 018LP D [email protected] VL 0190 295 740191 BH97602-02D1

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One Comment

  1. I bet all fans of Damien Rice’s have been waiting for O to be released on vinyl for years. Our wishes finally come true in 2018 and thank goodness for that — or should I say thank Kevin Gray for that? What an amazingly produced this record is hey?

    Even crisper sounding than the 2015 My Favourite Faded Fantasy on 45 rpm and brighter but equally stunning.

    If I have a qualm about this it’s the brightness of the sound, I would prefer a warmer sound as you heard on My Favourite Faded Fantasy — which I think give the melancholy and sadness of the songs an extra layer of depth. However, I am just nitpicking here and you should be immediately taken by the SQ when you hear this outstanding record.

    Optimal Media did a great job on pressing but some of the copies could be quite noisy, I have been through three copies to find a really quiet one… The first copy had a few seconds of really loud continuous pops…


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