TV On The Radio - Nine Types Of Light 2011 US

Nine Types Of Light – 2011 US Black Vinyl

Edition: 180g Black Vinyl. Gatefold
Speed: 33 ⅓ rpm
Catalogue No: B0015455-01
Barcode: 6 02527 66215 2
Matrix A: B001 54550-1-A ⓤ
Matrix B: B001 54550-1-B ⓤ

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  1. TV On The Radio’s Nine Types Of Light on
    Interscope Records actually doesn’t sound too bad considered that this is a URP pressing, however it is prone with excessive surface noise. It definitely needs a few times through my ultrasonic cleaning machine, even then, the annoying ticks and crackles are still presence although not unbearable. The dynamics are good but not that impressive. It has somewhat punchy bass but the highs are recessed. I would really like to hear a better pressing on this album.


Turntable: Pioneer Exclusive P10 Cartridge: Shelter 7000 SUT: Shelter 407 Type II Phono Stage: Manley Chinook Tubes: 4x NOS Amperex 7308