Enigma - MCMXC AD 2018

MCMXC a.D. – 2018 EU Reissue Red Vinyl

Edition: 180g Red Vinyl, Limited Edition The Colours Of Enigma Series
Speed: 33 ⅓ rpm
Catalogue No: 573 723 1
Barcode: 0 602557 37231 1
Matrix A: BI13397-01 A1 HL
Matrix B: BI13397-01 B1 HL

One Comment

  1. Enigma’s debut album MCMXC A.D. has never been properly reissued – unless you count the disappointing picture disc released in 2013.

    It’s great that Universal Music Group has reissued a Limited Edition as part of The Colours Of Enigma Series along with eight other Enigma’s album.

    Some buyers have snorted at the SQ being nowhere close to the original — cool if you have €250 to get a mint copy or if you were luck enough to already own a copy. Otherwise this reissue might not have blown my mind off it is actually a great sounding one — airy trebles, solid bass and a wide soundstage with good depth. I think Heino Leja has done a great job cutting it for vinyl from Manfred Melchior digital remaster. The Optimal Media pressing is quiet throughout.

    Get a copy and be contented with it until a better reissue comes along. However, I do much rather have the cover to stay as the original…


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