Deadbeat - LPS 2002 Box Set 2005

LPs 2002-2005 – 2014 DE 6xLP Coloured Vinyl

Edition: Standard 2xLP Red Vinyl, 2xLP Blue Vinyl, 2xLP Grey Vinyl. Deluxe Limited Edition Box Set.
Speed: 33 ⅓ rpm
Catalogue No: BLKRTZ011
Barcode: 8 80319 68483 8
Matrix A: A BLTRTZ 011 MPO [email protected]
Matrix B: B BLTRTZ 011 MPO [email protected]
Matrix C: C BLTRTZ 011 [email protected] MPO
Matrix D: D BLTRTZ 011 MPO [email protected]
Matrix E: E BLTRTZ 011 MPO [email protected]
Matrix F: F BLTRTZ 011 [email protected] MPO
Matrix G: G BLTRTZ 011 MPO [email protected]
Matrix H: H BLTRTZ 011 [email protected] MPO
Matrix I: I BLTRTZ 011 MPO [email protected]
Matrix J: J2 BLTRTZ 011 MPO [email protected]
Matrix K: K BLTRTZ 011 MPO [email protected]
Matrix L: L BLTRTZ 011 MPO [email protected]

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One Comment

  1. Deadbeat’s LPs 2002-2005 6×12″ box set was released on his own label BLKRTZ through an Indiegogo crowdfund campaign for his three earlier albums which were long out of print — Wild Life Documentaries, Something Borrowed, Something Blue and New World Observer.

    This is a phenomenal sounding box set and a must have for Deadbeat’s fans. The production and mastering are truly top notch. I was a little concern about these to be pressed on coloured vinyl but you can really tell Scott Monteith (aka Deadbeat) had really poured his heart and soul in getting this box set out. He even took time to answer his fans ‘ concern about the two seconds gap on Side C on Discogs, for this I have to give him my respect!

    Here is what he wrote:
    “Hi everyone. I would like to confirm that the 2 second gap on side C is in fact intentional and explain why it’s there and why in this one case it sounds a strange. When Stefan and I were doing the remastering we opted to change the track order from the original one in order to achieve the best sound quality. Wildlife Documentaries was originally a gapless album and as such the sound that finishes let it rain is the same as begins cause for hope, as such I totally understand why it sounds like we randomly fade out for 2 seconds in this case. Hope that clears things up and this little 2 second pause hasn’t runed anyone’s enjoyment of the box…. all the best, scott (deadbeat)”


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