Talk Talk - Laughing Stock 2016 US

Laughing Stock – 2016 US Reissue Black Vinyl

Edition: Standard Black Vinyl
Speed: 33 ⅓ rpm
Catalogue No: B0024137-01
Barcode: 6 00753 65519 1
Matrix A: B0024137-01-A GI エ∽ ⓤ
Matrix B: B0024137-01-B GI エ∽ MASTERED BY CAPITOL

One Comment

  1. I was expecting stunning dynamics, spacious and detailed sound as good as the 2012 reissues of The Colour Of Spring or Spirit Of Eden, so I am quite disappointed! However, this 2016 US reissue still excites but not thrills.

    I must be lucky as many have complained about the noisy pressing, my copy is pretty quiet and it surprised me that this URP pressing actually sounded better than the 2016 EU Back To Back Record Industry pressing which have gained many praises. Its dynamics are quite apparently better with better 3D soundstage and better bottom ends. Ian Sefchick’s mastering comes through beautifully and there is a touch more warmth by comparison.


Turntable: Pioneer Exclusive P10 Cartridge: Shelter 7000 SUT: Shelter 407 Type II Phono Stage: Manley Chinook Tubes: 4x NOS Amperex 7308