INXS - Kick 2018 US 30th Anniversary

Kick – 2018 US Reissue 2xLP Black Vinyl 30th Anniversary Edition

Edition: 180g 2xLP Black Vinyl. Gatefold. 30th Anniversary Edition: Mastered At Abbey Road Studios – Half Speed Mastering
Speed: 45 rpm
Catalogue No: Atlantic ‎– RR1 81796, Rhino Records ‎– RR1 81796, Petrol ‎– RR1 81796
Barcode: 6 03497 86291 7
Matrix A: 20791 1A 00602557887211 MILES ABBEY ROAD 1/2 SPEED RM30
Matrix B: 20791 1B 00602557887211 MILES ABBEY ROAD 1/2 SPEED ROOM30
Matrix C: 20791 1C 00602557887211 MILES ABBEY ROAD 1/2 SPEED ROOM30
Matrix D: 20791 1D 00602557887211 MILES ABBEY ROAD 1/2 SPEED ROOM30

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One Comment

  1. “If you like INXS’ Kick on vinyl then you should look no further! The sound of this half-speed remaster on 45 rpm beats anything I have heard including the first pressing and the MoFi reissue!” — That’s what my experienced vinylphile friend said, he who owns just about every copy of Kick on vinyl and owns many ten of thousands of vinyl records.

    I trusted him and I would say if every audiophile pressing is of this stunning quality sound, I would get them even if I am going to go broke! I had the 1988 AU “Limited Edition Exclusive Tour Release” and the 2014 UK/EU All The Voices Vinyl Boxset but Kick has never sounded so brilliant!

    The SQ is crisp and clear, highly dynamic with clean, tight and focused bass. You could also get the 2017 EU versions on black or red vinyl, I am pretty sure that all three releases are of the same pressings as the matrixes are exactly the same. However, this US release does not comes with the half speed mastering authenticity certificate.


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