Jamie XX - In Colour 2015 45RPM

In Colour – 2015 UK/US 3xLP Blue Red Yellow Vinyl

Edition: Standard 3xLP Blue, Red & Yellow Vinyl. Deluxe Limited Edition.
Speed: 45 rpm
Catalogue No: YTLP122X
Barcode: 8 89030 01220 3
Matrix A: YTLP122X BF82913-01 A1
Matrix B: YTLP122X BF82913-01 B1
Matrix C: YTLP122X BF82912-01 C1
Matrix D: YTLP122X BF82912-01 D1
Matrix E: YTLP122X BF82910-01 E1
Matrix F: YTLP122X BF82910-01 F1

Jamie XX - In Colour Blue Red Yellow

Reviewer Score
Sound: 5.0
Pressing/Noise: 2.5
Average: 3.75






I like

  • Top notch mastering
  • Stunning dynamics, deep &
  • Some seriously low bass

I donʼt like

  • Could be very noisy
  • Some loud pops

One Comment

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  1. Turn up the volume and let the sonorous bass wash over you… You’ve got problematic pressing if you have all three discs with matrix BF82910, but luckier if you got the repress with blue disc BF82913 and red disc BF82912. It’s a shame about the mediocre pressing though which could still be very noisy and two copies I got have some loud pops and some excessive surface noise but at least the distortions and shockingly loud background noise were fixed…


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