Father John Misty - God's Favourite Customers 2018 US

God’s Favorite Customer – 2018 US Black Vinyl

Edition: Standard Black
Speed: 33 ⅓ rpm
Catalogue No: SP1245
Barcode: 098787124514
Matrix A: SP-1245-A CB 28473.1(3)…
Matrix B: SP-1245-B Rel CB 29631.2(3)..

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  1. I was first going to get this record on Bella Union Optimal pressings as I have always found it sounded better than its US counterparts on Sub Pop. I should have known better as I have done enough comparisons of the two labels with artists such as Beach House, Fleet Foxes, M.Ward and Midlake…

    My friend told me that this RTI pressing sounded excellent so I decided to give it another go. Yes, the record indeed sounded great. However, when I put it together with the Bella Union I Love You, Honey Bear (45 rpm) and 2xLP Pure Comedy, this was completed shown off.

    So my quest of getting the Bella Union Optimal pressing for a compare.

    Why am I not surprising that this EU Bella Union standard black sounded superior? While this US RTI pressing sounded excellent this time, the EU Optimal pressing just have an edge over it with much tighter bass and cleaner top ends, at the same time a more open soundstage. It is more comparable, or at the same level, to the brilliant sound of the previous two records on Bella Union: Honey, Bear I Love You and Pure Comedy.


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