Boards Of Canada - Geogaddi 2014

Geogaddi – 2013 UK Reissue 3xLP Black Vinyl

Edition: Standard 3xLP Black Vinyl
Speed: 33 ⅓ rpm
Catalogue No: warplp101r
Barcode: 8 01061 81011 5
Matrix A: BD06602-01 A1 NS
Matrix B: BD06602-01 B1
Matrix C: BD06602-02 C1
Matrix D: BD06602-02 D1
Matrix E: BD06602-03 E1
Matrix E: F Side etched

One Comment

  1. Many have complained about hearing distortion on Corsair — track E4, Warp Records even repressed the third disc and sent out as a replacement. I must be one of the lucky ones I couldn’t hear any distortions on Corsair. However, I thought parts of Dawn Chorus sounded too grain and I am not sure it should sound like this. Otherwise this reissue sounded great although not quite as impressive as Autechre and B12’s reissues. My copy played quiet too.


Turntable: Pioneer Exclusive P10 Cartridge: Shelter 7000 SUT: Shelter 407 Type II Phono Stage: Manley Chinook Tubes: 4x NOS Amperex 7308