T. Rex - Electric Warrior 2017 US

Electric Warrior – 2017 US Reissue Black Vinyl

Edition: 180g Black Vinyl, 2017 Rhino Rocktober Series
Speed: 33 ⅓ rpm
Catalogue No: R1 6466
Barcode: 0 81227 93299 2
Matrix A: R1-6466-A [email protected] 28280.1(3)…
Matrix B: R1-6466-B [email protected] 28280.2(3)…

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One Comment

  1. There have been so many reissues for T. Rex’s Electric Warrior, which is the best pressing to get?

    I first bought the 2014 Back To Black, I thought it sounded fine but I was not impressed with its rolled off and boomy bass. I learnt after that for the best SQ of Electric Warrior I need to look into the 1971 original UK release on Fly Records, 1971 original Japanese release on Odeon and this 2017 Rhino Rocktober AAA reissue. This 2017 Rhino Rocktober was mastered by Kevin Gray and pressed by RTI.

    According to some die hard T. Rex fans, the UK Fly has more air and spaces, the Japanese Odeon is similar to this 2017 Rhino Rocktober — have more oomphs to the kick and they trumped the 1971 US original US Reprise…

    There you have it, easy option for me — I landed the Rhino Rocktober for AUD $37.00 which was peanut for a vinyl record these days! Unless you want to spend more for a UK or Japanese original for perhaps just an ok condition, this is the only release you need.

    I was floored by the SQ and it is a dead quiet pressing. I do find the bass slightly overly boosted but it surely trumped the 2014 US Rhino Vinyl and 2014 EU Back to Black reissues.

    Get a copy now while it is still cheap!


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