Ryan Adams - Demolition

Demolition – 2017 US Reissue Black Vinyl

Edition: Standard Black
Speed: 33 ⅓ rpm
Catalogue No: 088 170 333-2
Barcode: 0 088 170 333 2 7
Matrix A: 088170331-1-A CB -39872- P. USA
Matrix B: 088170331-1-B CB -39872- P. USA

One Comment

  1. While the SQ is not top notch like the rest of Ryan Adams’ records, this 2017 is a great improvement to the horrible original.

    Some of the songs here do sound kind of flat even Chris Bellman’s magic touch couldn’t help much. It is understandable as these songs are mostly demos, hence the title Demolition. At least now it played so quietly nearly without surface noise.


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