Soccer Mommy - Clean 2018 US

Clean – 2018 US Black Vinyl

Edition: Standard Black Vinyl
Speed: 33 ⅓ rpm
Catalogue No: FP1652-1
Barcode: 767981165219
Matrix A: FP1652-1/MRP1076-A [Sideways☮]ML171121 A2
Matrix B: FP1652-1/MRP1076-B [Sideways☮]ML171121 B2

Reviewer Score
Sound: 4.0
Pressing/Noise: 3.5
Average: 3.75






I like

  • Excellent SQ
  • Warm & dynamic sound
  • Very quiet pressing

I donʼt like

  • Could be very noisy

One Comment

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  1. I did not get this when it was released in 2018 because I didn’t trust this Fat Possum Records release could sound decent. It’s another surprise that the SQ turned out to be quite excellent! The SQ is slightly fuller than Color Theory on grey vinyl. Though my first copy has light surface noise throughout entire album, but the second copy is quiet as…


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