The Black Keys - Brothers 2010 US RSD

Brothers – 2010 US 2×12″ + 10″ EP Black Vinyl Special Limited Edition

Edition: 180g 2×12″ Black Vinyl. Special limited edition in gatefold sleeve. Includes giant poster, bonus 10″ EP and CD. Limited and numbered to 3,000.
Speed: 33 ⅓ rpm
Catalogue No: 526426-1
Barcode: 0 75597 97765 3
Matrix A: 1-526426-A CB -21746- P. USA
Matrix B: 1-526426-B CB -21746- P. USA
Matrix C: 1-526426-C P. USA CB -21747-
Matrix D: 1-526426-D CB P. USA -21747-

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  1. Top SQ and the best sounding records of The Black Keys! Open and punchy sound with huge bass slams that sound very analogue like and absolutely phenomenal! Needless to say, it is far superior to the 2010 US Standard Edition and 2012 El Camino Special Limited Edition. Although not the quietest pressing, the random light surface noise does not detract me from enjoyment.

    This was a Special Limited Edition ‘Black Friday Record Store Day’ release. It is a shame that it is limited to 3000 copies only and you would need a very good luck to get a mint copy under US $100 nowadays.


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