John Coltrane - Blue Train 2014 US Black Vinyl

Blue Train – 2014 US Reissue Black Vinyl

Edition: 180g Black Limited Edition, Blue Note Commemorative 75th Anniversary Series
Speed: 33 ⅓ rpm
Catalogue No: MMBLP-1577
Matrix A: MM33 BNLP-1577-A P KG&[email protected] 22284.1(3)…
Matrix B: MM33 BNLP-1577-B P [email protected] 22284.2(3)…

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  1. If you are a Blue Note Jazz lover and don’t already know about Music Matters’ releases, here it is: It’s the best sounding new Jazz records money can buy right now. They are ultra expensive but you can understand why — Music Matters have poured big investment into Kevin Gray’s Cohearant Audio (one the best mastering and cutting engineers) with new hi-tech mastering equipments and the result is — a truly stunning sound.

    You can tell that I am a big fan as I have now owned 24 Music Matters releases! If you have money to burn, get the whole series as I originally planned to, well now I have to pick and choose as there are many. If you have even more money to burn, get the 45 rpm version.

    Get a copy and get entranced by the amazing sound quality while you still can as most of them are limited releases and going up in prices. Some of them are already out of print such as this one, John Coltrane’s Blue Train released in 2014, the first of the 33 ⅓ rpm series and the only one in mono.


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