White Lies - Big TV 2013 EU

Big TV – 2013 EU Black Vinyl

Edition: 180g Black Vinyl, Limited Edition and Numbered
Speed: 33 ⅓ rpm
Catalogue No: 3740907
Barcode: 00602537409075
Matrix A: BD16763-01 A1 Tommy, stop banging on about that BIG TV! JD
Matrix B: BD16763-01 B1 I think you’re going to love this, Rob!

One Comment

  1. For a vinyl record of an indie band White Lies’ 2013 Big TV sounded very excellent. John Davis’ mastering is spacious and open, although at times it is slightly congested. This would be a stunning sounding record if not because these congestions I heard in various parts. The depths are quite stunning when the music is not loud or congested. There are plenty of super tight and punchy bass, actually superbly done and very addictive.

    This is certainly a more enjoyable sound that the 2009 US release of To Lose My Life… The Optimal Media pressing is also very quiet.

    For a limited pressing, my number is high — 6127! So there is probably at least 10000 copies pressed?


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