The War On Drugs - A Deeper Understanding 2017

A Deeper Understanding – 2017 US 2xLP Black Vinyl

Edition: Standard 2xLP Black Vinyl, Gatefold
Speed: 33 ⅓ rpm
Catalogue No: 561934-1
Barcode: 0 75678 66062 7
Matrix A: ST-561934 A-1 RKS STERLING MPO
Matrix B: ST-561934 B-1 RKS STERLING MPO
Matrix C: ST-561934 C-L RE1 RKS STERLING MPO
Matrix D: ST-561934-D-1 RKS STERLING MPO CE

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One Comment

  1. Which pressing should I get? When I checked the Discogs listings, both US and EU pressing were listed as pressed by MPO. You would think that they must have exactly the same SQ?

    I first bought the US pressing, but I couldn’t resist to get the EU pressing to compare…

    Apparently my copy is an EU repress, record one was repressed by GZ Media and I presumed record two was an original pressing by MPO, what have they fixed? I have no idea but when I compared this copy to the 2017 US pressing track by track, I found the GZ Media pressed disc has a more livelier sound with better bass punches, but disc two has no different.

    You’ll be happy to get either of these pressings, this is a brilliant sounding record and how wonderfull it is when a record is done right regardless which pressing you get? You can just tell what a superbly mastered recording this is. It’s all music to my ears.

    Although there are very minor random ticks but mostly quiet. Truly one of the best!


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