Sigur Rós - () 2009 UK

( ) – 2009 UK Reissue 2xLP Black Vinyl

Edition: 180g 2xLP Black Vinyl. Direct Metal Mastering (DMM) Limited Edition.
Speed: 33 ⅓ rpm
Catalogue No: FATLP22X
Barcode: 6 00116 99223 9
Matrix A: FAT LP22X A – 3
Matrix B: FAT LP22X B – 1
Matrix C: FAT LP22X C – 3
Matrix D: FAT LP22X D – 1

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  1. In terms of SQ, this 2009 UK DMM Remaster of () is the best amongst the three releases I have in hand. It is superior to the 2013 [PIAS] Recordings Reissue and close, but quite a way above the 2015 XL Recordings Reissue. To some, DMM could sound cold but this is not the case. This reissue has the most wonderful warmth and organic feel. The most amazing details and depth. If the original master by Mandy Parnell was to seek emotion in mastering, this DMM release really shows. The recording sounds more “live” and the listener feel more “being there”…

    However, this release was a great disappointment to many as the pressing was extremely noisy with loud clicks and pops. I am however super lucky to get both a nice copy for Ágætis Byrjun and (). They are not completely quiet, but there is no distracting surface noise to be heard.

    Unfortunately I have not heard the original 2002 UK release so I can’t give comments about that release.


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